Once again, PurityPlus specialty gas producers and several other Independent Welding Distribuotrs Cooperative (IWDC) members evaluating the program journeyed to Orlando, Florida for two days of presentations, committee meetings, and networking.

This year the sixty attendees gained the added punch of nine IWDC/PurityPlus gas and equipment vendors and an outstanding presentation from keynote speaker, John “Buzz” Campbell, former owner/publisher of CryoGas International. In addition to Campbell’s insight on global helium supply’s impact on the North American marketplace, the sixty meeting attendees heard about the state of the specialty gas business and unique market-targeted opportunities in new specialty gas and equipment segments. Many of these opportunities were presented by attending PurityPlus partner-vendors.

PurityPlus committees met to review 2013’s accomplishments and to chart 2014 objectives across operations, vendor qualification and marketing. The PurityPlus program includes 28 IWDC Member specialty gas producers along with a loyal network of approved suppliers. IWDC has both the largest geographic spread of production facilities, and the greatest number of ISO 17025 audited specialty gas labs in North America.

The Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative is owned by 140 independent distributors who supply high quality specialty, medical, and industrial gases, as well as welding supplies to a number of key industries.