gasworld can reveal a conglomerate of three businesses – Windjammer Capital Investors and CITIC Capital Partner - have partnered with the ECI management team to acquire ECI LLC.

Engineered Controls International (ECI) LLC manufacture RegO LP-Gas products, RegO Cryo-Flow products, RegO LNG products and Goddard Valves.

In a statement sent to RegO® customers, suppliers and service providers, it is stated, “ECI management, Windjammer and CITIC put significant effort into executing on this exciting opportunity and we firmly believe that our partnership will present many positive opportunities for all of us as we move forward.

“As our business partner, we expect that this change will benefit you as much as it will benefit ECI as we continue to build upon our successes in the future with a familiar management team dedicated to supplying highly engineered flow products to the alternative energy markets.”

“We want to assure you that the RegO and Goddard names will continue to stand for the first-rate quality, service, and support you have come to expect from our company and all of its employees.”