Air Products’ Senior Vice President and General Manager, Stephen J. Jones, is stepping down from his role at the company – which he has held since April 2009 and is currently based in Shanghai.

The news of Jones’ departure from the company should come as no shock as he sold, no less than, 36,373 shares that he owned in the company at the end of July – a transaction which totaled a value of nearly $5m ($4,933,633.72). But Jones still owns 31,541 share of the company’s stock at the time of the sale.

And since the appointment of new CEO Seifi Ghasemi, who will assume Jones’ responsibilities “effective immediately”, the plan for his major change at the company is clear. It has been reported that, during a conference call with financial analysts, more of Ghasemi’s vision will be shared in mid-September.

Jones joined Air Products in 1992 as an attorney, as was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager in April 2009 and China President in 2011.