OxySense® will be introducing new and significant innovations at PACK EXPO International 2014 – Booth E-8652 – for non-invasive optical oxygen analysers and patented testing instruments.

The OxySense oxygen measurement system is unique not only for its ability to measure oxygen non-invasively, but also for its ability to measure oxygen in headspace as well as dissolved in liquids.
OxySense oxygen analysers and permeation testing solutions, provide an easy, accurate and low-cost method for conducting leak testing and shelf-life studies on Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), and PET bottles. OxySense oxygen testing systems use a non-invasive optical methodology to determine oxygen concentration by measuring fluorescent energy released from an illuminated oxygen-sensitive sensor.

With the OxySense System you can perform headspace analysis, dissolved oxygen analysis and OTR/permeation tests, all with the same sensor. You can test finished packages and films, all with the same instrument.
OxySense oxygen analysers comply with ASTM standard F2714-08. OxySense permeation chambers are patent protected under US Patent No. 8,567,236 entitled “Method and Apparatus for Measuring Gas Transmission Rate of Semi-Barrier Materials” issued in 2013.

OxySense is offering a complimentary pass to all its customers from around the world and to labs that are curious to experience the non-invasive oxygen measurement technology. Additionally, a 25% discount is available on orders received by December 5th, 2014 for attendees that register and visit the OxySense booth.