Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh has set ambitious targets of securing contracts with Walmart to provide fuel cell solutions in all 100 stores in North America.

This number equates to 25,000 forklift trucks, which Mr. Marsh wants his company to supply the energy solutions for – eventually.

This target comes after the company installed its’ products in two stores – Pottsville, Pennsylvania, in May 2014, and Johnstown, New York, in July 2014 – as planned – with Walmart unexpectedly asking for a further store to have the fuel cell system installed.

Plug Power will be installing its’ solutions at the Walmart depot in Sterling, Illinois, in September this year.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Marsh said, “I have been here for six years and I didn’t think it would take this long to get to where we are today. But in the market we can help customers improve productivity.”

“The example we were given recently in feedback from Walmart was that, once our products were installed, staff were able to finish their work a whole hour earlier than previously accomplished.”

“That’s just one example of how our systems can help. And with Walmart’s experience in mind – why can’t we aim to have an objective where we will be installed in all Walmart’s 100 sites? That’s 25,000 forklift trucks.”

“It’s not just our vision – it’s a customer’s vision as well.”

Mr. Marsh later in the meeting spoke of Plug Power’s activity in Europe, in partnership with Air Liquide in the HYpulsion programme, and in Asia in conjunction with Hyundai in the HYSCO project.