Taylor-Wharton has launched its ‘Taylor-Wharton Partners For Life’ Achievement Program, aiming to support varying medical research fields each year. The inaugural campaign will support the ongoing challenge of finding a cure for breast cancer.

A specially designed version of the Theodore, AL-based company’s LABS20K cryogenic freezer has been produced in conjunction with the campaign and researchers from North America will be asked to submit a narrative on their work to find a cure for breast cancer – and how this freezer could benefit the search for a cure.

At the end of 2012, Taylor-Wharton will donate the LABS20K freezer, valued at over $22,000.

Luke Bradshaw, CryoScience Sales Manager for the Americas, commented, “As part of our campaign, Taylor-Wharton has produced a specialty-manufactured version of the popular LABS20K cryogenic freezer, incorporating the well-known breast cancer ribbon into the logo.”

“This freezer, with specialty-designed pink accents, will be used for trade shows and other industry events across North America throughout the year.”

A panel of six has been selected to determine the most worthy recipient of the LABS20K cryogenic freezer. The panelists consist of six professionals in the cancer research field. Taylor-Wharton explained that more information will be forthcoming in June 2012, on how to apply and be considered to become a recipient of the LABS 20K cryogenic freezer.