Taylor-Wharton has been selected by Sweden’s Furetank Rederi AB to covert a vessel to operate on LNG fuel to comply with new international environmental rulings promoting the reduction in sulphur emissions.

Taylor-Wharton will provide a complete onboard LNG Fuel System including two 255m3 Type C storage tanks for Furetank’s oil and chemical cargo tanker – the 472 foot Fure West.

The Joint Industries Project “LNG-CONV” will convert the main engine to consume clean burning natural gas.

Furetank reports, “Together with the engine maker MaK in Germany, supplier PON Power in Denmark, Taylor-Wharton which will manufacture the tanks and LNG fuel system in Slovakia and the fact that the work will be carried out in a yard in the north of Europe, makes the project LNG CONV stay true to the wish from the Commission, to use European workmanship.”

“Taylor-Wharton is proud to bring our patent pending Sea Blue technology and strong European manufacturing to this project,” said Bobby Cushman, Vice President of CryoLNG for Taylor-Wharton.

Taylor-Wharton will manufacture the tanks, bunkering skids, vaporisation skids and control system for Fure West in Kosice, Slovakia. Twin 255-cubic-meter (67,360-gallon) tanks will be installed and will power the main MaK 7M46DF engine and at least one of the three Caterpillar 3058 auxiliary engines will be altered to use LNG fuel as well.

“This project will highlight our continued investments in LNG technology and experienced LNG people worldwide,” said Eric Rottier, Chairman and CEO for Taylor-Wharton LLC.