Taylor-Wharton is proud to announce that on September 30th it had surpassed a significant safe-working milestone of 500,000 hours.

These safe-working hours were achieved by employees in eight locations:  Malaysia, Slovakia, Germany, Australia, India, China, and in two locations in the United States, Minnetonka, Minnesota and Theodore, Alabama.

All locations are evaluated using the US OSHA Standards. The last OSHA Recordable Injury within the group occurred on March 26, 2014. Six company locations have worked without an OSHA Recordable Injury (Theodore, Australia, Germany, India, Malaysia and Slovakia) for more than 1 year. Taylor-Wharton is proud of this accomplishment and congratulates all its employees for reaching this milestone.

Breakdown of the manufacturing locations’ safety records:

1.         Slovakia has worked over 6.5 years without an OSHA Recordable Injury.

2.         Theodore, Alabama has worked over 528 days without an OSHA Recordable Injury.

3.         Malaysia has worked over 512 days without an OSHA Recordable Injury.

4.         China has worked over 187 days without an OSHA Recordable Injury.

Achieving a half million work hours OSHA Recordable injury-free is a considerable milestone. Within the pressure vessel construction group (NAICS Code 332420) according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics for US-based Companies, the OSHA Recordable Incidence Rate is 6.4. The current performance of Taylor-Wharton exceeds remarkably the industry average with a 0.42 OSHA Recordable Incidence Rate.

Safety performance is part of the company’s culture and a process that focuses on attention to detail. The process involves providing the employees the tools, education and procedures for undertaking work the correct way the first time and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. The “attention to detail” mindset carries over to all aspects of work and personal life.

“Taylor-Wharton proudly puts safety first, and I congratulate all Taylor-Wharton employees for this outstanding achievement,” said Eric Rottier, CEO OF Taylor-Wharton. “This is world-class performance,” he said.