Tiger Optics announced today that it has developed a new ammonia analyser that refines the detection of moisture to levels down to 2 parts per billion, achieving five times the sensitivity of incumbent technology.

The new ALOHA+ H2O analyser will be available starting January 1, 2014. Just three years ago, Tiger introduced its original ALOHA-H2O analyser for the fast-growing High Brightness Light Emitting Diode (HB-LED) market. With that, Tiger met the industry’s need to detect moisture in ammonia at levels to 10 ppb, as higher concentrations impair the electroluminescent intensity of HB LEDs and diminish process yields. This directly affects profit margins as brightness determines whether an LED finds use in a flat screen TV or is relegated to the nose of a child’s toy. 

With the new ALOHA+ H2O, Tiger Optics continues to address the ever more exacting needs of HB-LED makers, tool manufacturers, purifier makers and the gas companies that supply ammonia, the favored source of nitrogen for the production of Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor wafers, a core component of HB-LEDs.

A multi-point analyser, the ALOHA+ H2O can monitor dual streams and features proven, powerful laser-based technology. Used in remote locations, where skilled technicians and support services are hard to come by, Tiger’s products require little maintenance and are easy to install and operate.  As users attest, the analyzers offer a rare combination of sensitivity and robustness.

Founded in 2001, the Pennsylvania-based company has earned its stellar reputation for detecting trace levels of moisture in bulk and specialty gases. Placing over 1,600 sensors into service since developing the first commercial Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer, hundreds of units have been installed and are in continuous operation specifically for ultra-high purity ammonia monitoring in HB-LED processes.

“When we entered the moisture in ammonia analysis market in 2004, we did so with an analyser that had the lowest detection limit available. Since then, the ‘Lowest Detection Limit’ is a title that we have yet to relinquish,” said Lisa Bergson, Tiger Optics’ founder and chief executive.

“We’ve developed close relationships with the leading gas manufacturers, purifiers, and end-users of ammonia. When they told us that they needed an analyser that had limits lower than even our best analyser, our R&D team stepped up to the challenge and developed the ALOHA+ H2O analyser and reduced the LDL to an astonishingly low level of 2 parts per billion.”

About Tiger Optics

Tiger Optics makes laser-based gas analyzers that help manufacturers achieve faster throughput, with less waste. Over 1,600 robust Tiger units are at work in such demanding environments as semiconductor fabrication plants, gas manufacturers, chemical companies, and 19 national metrology institutes across the globe.