To widen the benefits of a validated cylinder tracking solution with built-in good manufacturing practices, TRAKAIDTM CyTrack has expanded the use of Auto Data Capture (ADC) by seamless integration of barcode technology.

CyTrack is a comprehensive web-based cylinder management, tracking, and logistic system which gives companies the ability to view a current status of critical assets and assess their impact on business processes from any location.

“We are pleased to offer both RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and the newly-integrated Barcode technology into our CyTrack Cylinder Management Solution,” said Girish Gupta, President, Technology Solution Partners.  Gupta added, “This lets our customers opt for their preference, depending on their technical and budgetary needs.”

Auto Data Capture uses scanning technology to automate data entry without the repetitive process of reading, writing, and reading and keypunching or typing.  Importantly, it can eliminate the more than 10% of errors created during manual data entry.  Data is captured automatically by scanning and reading tags, either barcode or RFID. 

Each method has benefits as well as limitations:

·      Barcode labels are easy to produce, relatively inexpensive and are more suitable for indoor environments.  However, they are vulnerable to having their read “faked,” non readable in mud, oil, and harsh conditions and scratch or peel off easily.  

·      RFID tags are unique and may not be faked, are encased to withstand harsh conditions, are robust and adhere well to cylinders.  They are slightly more expensive than barcodes, but more cost effective from perspective of total cost of ownership. 

Through the use of Auto Data Capture, TRAKAIDTM CyTrack now gives its customers the best cylinder tracking Solution available. The CyTrack Solution offers information about an asset’s location and status, providing customers with a comprehensive real-time view of their asset data through rich dynamic web-based reports and a rule-based alert and notification engine. Whether using RFID or Barcode technology to auto capture cylinder data, the CyTrack’s Solution’s benefits encompass all aspects of the cylinder business including receipt, production, dispatch, testing, service, invoicing and delivery.