W2 Energy has completed the purchase of two solar electrolysis patent applications from Thomas W. Oakes, PhD, CEO of Solar Hydrogen Energy Company.

The applications, 10/785234 and 12/9605, represent significant technological achievements in the production of hydrogen from renewable sources.

The central technology uses water-filled glass containers to concentrate the power of the sun while acting as a source for the water, which then gets split into hydrogen and oxygen.

When hydrogen recombines with oxygen through combustion or is used in a fuel cell, it releases enormous amounts of heat and/or electricity and leaves water or steam as a byproduct.

Because of this, hydrogen has long time been considered an ideal renewable energy fuel. The SunRay H2 described in these two patents has undergone vigorous laboratory testing.

Under controlled conditions the SunRay H2 consistently converted 12.4% of available solar energy into hydrogen which is considered to be an astonishingly high percentage.

Mike Mclaren, President and CEO of W2 Energy, stated, “We decided to purchase these patents because this technology allows for considerable amounts of innovations in the renewable energy space. A special emphasis will be placed on producing less expensive hydrogen for the vehicle and industrial markets. Additionally, we also plan to use this technology to create all-in-one solar power production and storage.”