Western Valve has developed the TiGR (Transfer Gas Remote) Series valve system with a pneumatically controlled valve used for high-pressure compressed gas applications, according to Western Valve President Steve Aderholt.

The TiGR valve is a critical component that could minimise injury and property damage, as well as prevent loss of product, in the case of a controlled release of a flammable, toxic or corrosive gas.

The TiGR series valve system allows the operator to open and close the valve from a remote distance giving operators protection from valve site dangers, such as fires or uncontrolled releases of gas. The valve is normally closed and can only be opened by means of an air supply to the actuator.

A “plug and play” conversion kit guides installers to properly mount the valve at each location, including tube trailers, fill stations and ground storage, to assure uniform installation and proper operation when installed according to instructions.

An operational panel is available making installation easier and quicker for the user. Various inlet and outlet connections are also available according to customer requirements.

The low-maintenance TiGR valve features stainless steel and aluminum construction for durability and a stainless steel spring that meets tension requirements. Users can be assured that this valve has gone through applicable testing guidelines of CGA V-9 and ISO 10297.

Western Valve, Inc. manufactures compressed gas valves, pressure relief devices, fittings and related devices. Since 1976, Western Valve has provided the compressed gas industry with innovative products that have undergone careful calibration and rigorous quality control. Customers have access to an online product catalog featuring all manufactured parts, drawings, photos and ordering information.