Ohio based Worthington Cylinders has issued a voluntary recall of its MAP-Pro, Propylene and MAPP cylinders due to a potential leak.

Established in 1955, Worthington Cylinders prides itself in the safety of its products and in workplace safety. In keeping with this mission statement, the company has issued a voluntary recall of a number of its cylinders.

The MAP-Pro, Propylene and MAPP cylinders have been recalled. According to Worthington Cylinders this is due to, “a potential leak occurring when a torch or hose is disconnected from the cylinder.”

The firm has not received reports of injuries or accidents related to the issue.

For more information, or for instructions on how to dispose of or return cylinders for a refund, visit www.mapcylinder-recall.com

Products affected:

  • 14.1 oz MAP-Pro (yellow cylinder)
  • 14.1 oz Propylene (black cylinder)
  • 16 oz MAPP (yellow cylinder)
  • Hand Torch kits containing 14.1 oz MAP-Pro (yellow cylinder)

Products not affected:

  • 14.1 oz propane (blue cylinder)
  • 1.4 oz oxygen (red cylinder)
  • 16.4 oz propane (green cylinder)