Air Products 2011 Chairman’s Award of Excellence has been presented to Yun-Nan Liu, Technical Director of LNG for the firm.

John McGlade, Chairman, President and CEO for the firm congratulated Dr Liu on the award. He said, “Yu-Nan’s creativity and technical ability have significantly contributed to Air Products as the premier supplier of cryogenic natural gas liquefaction technology and equipment.”

McGlade added, “Yu-Nan’s reputation precedes him, and in a conservative industry, he makes customers feel comfortable accepting new technology. I want to thank him for his contributions to Air Products for over 35 years.”

Dr Liu has helped develop 55 LNG production trains and has authored over 20 publications.

The Chairman’s Award for Excellence was established in 1988 to honor significant contributions of employees towards the realisation of corporate goals. Winners are selected by the Chairman based on nominations proposed by a committee comprised of senior company officials. Dr. Liu received $75,000 in cash and company stock, and was presented with a sculpture symbolising the technology for air separation engraved with the Latin title ‘Caelum Aratro Findimus,’ translated as ‘To Cleave the Sky.’