Yesterday, Praxair, Inc. alongside its divisions and subsidiaries notified all bulk and packaged industrial gas customers in North America of price increases across certain products.

The price changes will affect Praxair Distribution, Praxair Electronics and Praxair Canada and is effective as of 15th March 2011, or as contracts permit. The price hike will only affect clients in the United States and Canada and are specified as follows:

• Up to 15% for nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and carbon dioxide
• Up to 20% for helium
• Up to 15% for facility fees or monthly bulk product charges and cylinder rental rates
• Up to 6% on equipment and consumables

According to Praxair price adjustments may be higher or lower than these ranges in relation to contract provisions.

The North American company attributes these widespread price increases to a number of factors. In particular, Praxair cites changes across distribution and feedstock sourcing costs, existing supply and demand imbalances in several products, hardgoods vendor increases, and final as a necessary measure needed in order to maintain and improve infrastructure.