The North Denmark Region and the Municipality of Aalborg have signed two contracts for the delivery of three hydrogen buses and a hydrogen production and filling station.

The new additions will be operational from October (2019) as the country’s first fuel cell bus system. The buses will be delivered by the Belgian-based VanHool, whilst the production and the filling station will be delivered by Denmark-based GreenHydrogen.

GreenHydrogen to deliver Denmark’s first hydrogen station for buses

The buses and refuelling station are financed by the 3Emotion project. The hydrogen bus project is supported with approximately €1.2m through the 3Emotion project to promote hydrogen technology in public transport.

“Use of hydrogen is innovative within public transport, where we can reduce COemissions significantly and completely avoid particle pollution in the immediate environment,” said Ole Stavad, Chairman of the Committee for Regional Development in the North Denmark Region.

Initially, the hydrogen buses in North Jutland were thought to run for three years, but it is now expected that they will continue in normal service after the three-year project period.

“We have strong competences within hydrogen energy through the cluster House of Energy and within the companies around Hydrogen Valley in Hobro such as Ballard who is producing fuel cells for buses,” said Ulla Astman, Leader of the Regional Council.

“We would like to support the development in the cluster and at the same time, it is natural that we as climate region take a lead in the green transition in society. We can do that in the best possible way by testing the potential of changing from fossil fuels to locally produced green hydrogen in public transport,” Astman concluded.

The aim of the project is to gain experience with hydrogen technology to benefit for the development of hydrogen solutions and for the commercial development of the hydrogen sector.