Antaris Solar extends its business activities to the Japanese market as it launches its Tokyo office. For distribution in Japan, Antaris Solar is working in partnership with local PV company NRE, also based in Tokyo.

As Japan moves away from nuclear energy, the energy industry is shifting its focus more and more towards renewable energies.

German company Antaris Solar has now entered the Japanese PV market with its full range of high performance photovoltaic technology including its own mono- and polycrystalline Antaris solar panels backed by one of the longest warranties in the world.

For distribution throughout Japan, Antaris Solar is partnering with Tokyo-based PV company NRE.

Leading the partnership is NRE’s CEO, Tetsuro Uragami, an expert with strong background in photovoltaics and off-grid PV systems.

Andrew Moore, Antaris Solar International Sales Manager, will oversee the overall growth of the Antaris Solar brand in Japan working alongside NRE.  

Climate conditions in Japan are ideal for the use of solar energy. The country benefits from high energy yield per Kilowatt peak and has high demand for energy especially at peak times, for instance, because of extensive use of climate control systems in office buildings.

Antaris Solar CEO Gerhard Steinebrunner regards Japan as a very promising and important market. He said, “With our strong focus on quality testing and our market leading warranties on products and performance Antaris Solar has been successful in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Africa.”

“We are excited to be able to offer our products now also on the Japanese PV market.”