In a recent interview with Japanese K.K. Gas Review, Brett Kimber, President of Linde Korea revealed expansion plans for the firm. Notably growth in the fluorine sector and investment in Asia were high on the President’s agenda.
Kimber offered his take on The Linde Group’s investment plans. He said, “Asia is clearly going to be growing faster than Europe and America. There are certain megatrends like the environment, clean energy and then with worldwide ageing populations, healthcare is also a focus.”

Kimber continued, “I think you’ve got Asia and the emerging megatrends for clean energy and healthcare - that is where Linde will be focusing.”

As a result of the merger between BOC and Linde in 2006, BOC Gases Korea became known as Linde Korea. Since then, the Korean economy has gone from strength to strength, as Kimber advised: “The growth of Korean local companies in Korean industrial markets is pulling along the gas producers.” In particular, Kimber was keen to point out the continued momentum of the electronics field.

He said, “In the semiconductor side Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor are the Number 1 and Number 2 in the world. And on the LCD side, Samsung Display and LG Display are Number 1 and Number 2."

"They grew in 2009 and they grew in 2010," continued Kimber. "And I expect that they’ll keep growing in 2011. Along with the growth of the Korean electronics market we anticipate that we will grow too.” According to Kimber’s projections sales will grow by around 10%.
And in terms of Linde Korea’s future, Kimber was adamant that fluorine would be key. He explained, “We’re putting effort into fluorine. We are strongly positioned in the fluorine business. From now on the demand for fluorine in the solar cell and LCD markets should be increasing.”