The hydrogen demand for a new polysilicon facility being built in Taiwan will be covered with Caloric units.

With this newly revealed contract Caloric establishes itself as a competent and reliable partner for this growing industry, after having delivered two other plants within a short timeframe.

The polysilicon production will be supplied by two independent Caloric's HC steam reforming units using natural gas as feedstock. Each unit produces 2,500 Nm³/h hydrogen with purity of 99,9999%. This arrangement enhances the general availability of the production complex.

Caloric will provide engineering and equipment, a corresponding distributed control system (DCS), as well as technical assistance services during the erection, commissioning and start-up, scheduled for third quarter of 2012.

Both Caloric’s units will be completely pre-assembled and tested, passing through its exigent quality procedure prior to shipping to the customer. The pre-assembling will ensure significant scheduling and quality benefits for the client.