SAES Pure Gas, which manufacturer gas purifiers for semiconductor and LED fabrication facilities, has sold a Mega Torr palladium hydrogen purifier to China’s Fujian Jiuce Gas Group.

The purifier will be used to provide ultra-high purity hydrogen at the Fujian Fushun Microelectronics semiconductor facility in Fuzhou, China. 

“Our customer requires a reliable supply of hydrogen with sub-ppb (parts per billion) gas quality,” commented Mr. He Jingyu, General Manager for Fujian Juice Gas Group.

“We selected SAES Pure Gas because the company’s palladium technology offers consistent gas purity regardless of inlet gas quality variation.  We recently ordered an additional palladium purifier to support further growth at Fujian Fushun 4” and 6” fabs.”

Each Mega Torr palladium hydrogen purifier for Fujian will flow up to 65 Nm3/hr. The patented micro-channel palladium membrane technology removes all impurities from the hydrogen gas source.  This technology is ideal for compressed gas sources from 99.99% to 99.9999% inlet purity.  The purifier includes fully-automated control systems with greatly reduced operating costs in an extremely small footprint.  These features are required to conserve valuable space in semiconductor and LED fabs. 

According to Stuart Bestrom, Palladium Purification Sales Manager at SAES Pure Gas, “We are pleased to be selected by Fujian Jiuce to supply our Mega Torr hydrogen purifier for their bulk gas installation project. This installation continues our strong support of the semiconductor industry in China. Our Shanghai-based sales and service center will provide startup and service during and after installation.”