Cryostar has been selected by Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine & Machinery Division (HHI‐EMD) to supply high-pressure fuel gas pumps for two LNG carriers to be built for Knutsen OAS at HHI in Ulsan.

These pumps are to be fitted in the Hyundai‐designed Fuel Gas Supply system (Hi‐GAS) to feed the MAN ME‐GI main engines. The marine‐ready pumps will operate at cryogenic temperatures and will raise the fuel feed pressure to 300-bar.

The gear‐driven triplex units feature three identical vacuum insulated pumping chambers (cold ends) to reduce cool‐down time and heat in‐leak both while in operation or in standby mode. The pumps are based on Cryostar’s proven technology and are selected from a range of models with flows which will meet various engine fuel gas requirements. Low speed operation ensures a long equipment life with lower maintenance costs.

The pumps are skid‐mounted, and equipped with engineered inlet manifolds as well as pulsation dampers, to ensure a consistent flow with minimum pressure fluctuations. The gearbox design features an integrated lubrication system, answers the stringent on‐board specifications and is designed for long maintenance intervals. Drive motors are rated for installation in Zone 1 hazardous areas and instrumentation is fitted to ensure smooth safe operation.

Cryostar, based in Hésingue, France, has very long histories both in supplying on‐board cryogenic compressors and heat exchangers for LNG carriers, as well as several thousand high pressure reciprocating and centrifugal pumps in hazardous gas applications. Eight out of ten LNG carriers in operation are equipped with Cryostar compressors and heat exchangers, benefitting for many decades from full maintenance coverage of this installed base, provided by multiple service locations around the globe. Cryostar was a key supplier for HHI’s own engine test stand LNG fuel gas supply installation.