At Iwatani’s shareholders’ meeting, due to be held on 26th of June, the three new appointments will be made – involving Masao Nomura, Toshio Wantanabe and Akiji Makino.

According to The Gas Review, issue number 354, Masao Nomura, who is currently Senior Executive Director, will be appointed as President.

Current President Akiji Makino, will take over the role as Chairman and CEO – while Toshio Wantanabe, the current Executive Vice President, will be appointed as Vice Chairman.

Mr Nomura was born in 1949, and is a native of Kyoto Prefecture.

In April 2009 he was appointed as executive director and in April 2010 he was appointed senior executive director.

Throughout his career he has been in the general affairs and personnel sector.

Iwatani International Corporation (Iwatani) began in 1930 when Naoji Iwatani launched his oxygen and welding supplies business.

Iwatani has been rapidly expanding the liquid hydrogen market by introducing users to the advantages of liquid hydrogen, such as high purity, less space required and mass transportation, allowing a revolution in the Japanese hydrogen market.