Iwatani has formed a joint venture with electrolytic soda producer, Tokuyama, to launch its third liquid hydrogen plant.

The new joint equity firm dubbed, Yamaguchi Liquid Hydrogen is located in Shunan City Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Already under construction, the plant constitutes Iwatani’s third liquid hydrogen plant; following the Hydro-Edge unit based in Osaka and another facility based in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture.

According to Iwatani, the company will be well positioned to offer a national network supply once the third facility goes on-stream.

The new plant will feed-off existing hydrogen sources generated by Tokuyama’s electrolytic soda production facility. The unit will offer a 3,000 kl/h capacity, while it will also fill two 270kl storage tanks. Overall investment in the facility is projected at ¥3bn.