Black & Veatch, in partnership with Chemtex, has been selected by Jilin Qianyuan Energy Development to deliver a major liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility.

Once the project is completed in late 2013, the 500,000 NM3/D plant will be the largest of its kind in northeast China and will feature Black & Veatch’s patented PRICO® LNG technology.

The new facility will liquefy inlet pipeline natural gas. The LNG will be used primarily by trucks and other vehicles as an alternative fuel to diesel and petrol.

“LNG delivers significant cost and environmental benefits over other fuels,” said Brian Zhang, Business Development Manager for Black & Veatch’s Oil & Gas business in China. “Applied and delivered with the right technology, the value that LNG brings can supersede that of alternative fuel options.”

In addition to utilising PRICO® technology, the plant integrates a nitrogen stripping process. This will contend with high nitrogen levels in the pipeline feed gas.  A special boil-off gas re-liquefaction system will also be installed to prevent unnecessary fuel loss and increase the efficiency of the plant.

“The demand for LNG as a clean, portable alternative fuel source is gaining momentum in China,” said Kerry Erington, Services Projects Director for Black & Veatch’s Oil & Gas business. “Our successful partnership with Chemtex has allowed us to establish a trusted reputation and leading market position in China.”

The Black & Veatch-Chemtex team has won 14 projects in China since the start of the partnership in 2005. Chemtex will provide engineering, procurement and construction services for the project.