Praxair China has signed a new solar contract with Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Trina Solar described the project as having, “great significance” for the firm.

According to the contract terms, Praxair China will supply silane, ammonia, argon, nitrogen and oxygen to Trina China’s new production facility, located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The contract augments Praxair China’s existing supply lines with Trina Solar Industrial Park.

…we also share Trina Solar’s goals of energy efficiency.

Minda Ho, President of Praxair China

Patrick Lu, Trina Solar’s Vice President of Supply Chain Management emphasised the importance of the latest contract, he said, “When the global economic outlook is challenging, Praxair’s effective support of our project has great significance for our position in the solar market.”

Lu added, “We value Praxair’s contribution to our manufacturing excellence in terms of safety, supply reliability and quick response.”

Praxair’s electronics business currently serves more than 50 solar production facilities worldwide, with a combined capacity of over 6 gigawatts. Praxair China will be supplying silane to Trina Solar Industrial Park via tube trailers.

Minda Ho, President of Praxair China, responded to the deal, “Praxair China is pleased to further strengthen our partnership with Trina Solar. In addition to helping this leading solar company drive the cost competitiveness required to grow the industry, we also share Trina Solar’s goals of energy efficiency.”