Praxair China has signed a long-term contract to supply oxygen and oxy-fuel technology for the solar photovoltaic glass production line of China National Building Materials (Hefei) New Energy Co., Ltd.

Hefei is a new enterprise from Bengbu Design & Research Institute of Glass Industry, a subsidiary of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM).

Under the contract, Praxair China will construct two vacuum-pressure-swing-adsorption plants and one air separation unit at CNBM’s glass production site located in Hefei, Anhui Province, in Eastern China.

“Signing of this supply contract marks a significant milestone of our co-operation with Praxair,” said Mr. Peng Shou, President of CNBM Bengbu Design & Research Institute of Glass Industry. “Five years ago, CNBM and Praxair China started our strategic partnership by exploring research and development and sharing market intelligence. We expect to see more achievements in the journey ahead.”

“Praxair is pleased to provide CNBM with a complete solution of highly reliable gas supply coupled with advanced application technology. We appreciate the leadership of CNBM Bengbu Design & Research Institute of Glass Industry in facilitating this collaborative effort. I am confident that the long-term partnership will deliver benefits for both parties,” said Minda Ho, President of Praxair China. “Solar photovoltaic glass is a booming industrial sector for new energy and Praxair looks forward to giving more support to this growing industry.”

CNBM (Hefei) New Energy Co., Ltd. is a significant producer of cover glass and high-transmittance rolled flat glass for solar cells. Praxair China will provide product supply as well as world-class oxy-firing technology in accordance with agreement terms.