Praxair has signed a long-term contract with Taewoong Steel Co. to supply high-purity oxygen to the company’s steel mill facility in Busan, in the south of the country.

Praxair will construct a new 180 tonnes per day air separation plant and pipeline in the Mieum Foreign Industrial Zone in Busan that will serve Taewoong, as well as new and other existing customers. The plant is expected to start up in 2016. 

“We look forward to supplying Taewoong Steel with the high-quality gases it needs to serve its customers across a variety of growing industries,” said S.B. Seo, president of Praxair Korea. “This new state-of-the-art plant will also enable us to meet growing industrial gases demand from businesses across southern Korea.”  

The new plant will help Taewoong meet customer demand for high-quality forged metal products in the wind turbine, shipbuilding, chemical and power plant sectors.

The plant will also increase Praxair’s supply of gaseous nitrogen, delivered via pipeline, to meet growing demand from an existing electronics customer. In addition, the plant will supply oxygen, nitrogen and argon to local merchant liquid customers in southern Korea for such industries as shipbuilding, metals, mechanics, steel fabrication and others.