Viking Cruises is working on a project for what could become the world’s first cruise ship with zero-emission technology.

If everything goes according to plan, Viking Cruises may in the future launch a full-scale cruise ship powered by liquid hydrogen (H2). The announcement came from Serge Fossati, Project Manager at the shipping company, during the Safety at Sea Conference in Haugesund. The ship will be around 230m long, and will accommodate more than 900 passengers and a crew of 500.

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Source: Viking Cruises

Serge Fossati, Project Manager at Viking Cruises, unveiled the company’s hydrogen plans in Haugesund

Director General of Shipping and Navigation, Olav Akselsen, commented, “This is a world sensation. Very exciting. If they pull this off, a distribution network may be established, which will enable others as well to use hydrogen as fuel, and could contribute to a zero-emission shipping industry.

Viking Cruises, who has registered several new cruise ships in the Norwegian International Ship Register over the last few years, envisions constructing a ship based on the same design as their seagoing cruise ships. The shipping company makes it clear they also want to register the H2 ship in the NIS if it is realised, and is already in dialogue with the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking Cruises, said, “At Viking, we have always endeavoured to look forward and to be at the forefront with regard to green shipping. As a Norwegian and with Norwegian ships, we want to lead the way to zero-emission ships through fuel cell technology. The road to that point is still long, but here at Viking we want to be ahead of the game.”