The Mazda Motor Corporation and HyNor (Hydrogen Road of Norway) have signed an agreement to collaborate in the development of hydrogen fuel and hydrogen vehicles, further demonstrating the planning for a future hydrogen economy throughout the world.

HyNor is a Norwegian joint industry initiative to implement a demonstration hydrogen energy infrastructure along a route of 580km from Oslo to Stavanger and intends to purchase a total of 30 rotary-engine Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE vehicles, starting from summer 2008.

The HyNor project comprises all the steps necessary to develop a hydrogen society adapted to local conditions and is planning for various means of transport including buses, taxis, private cars and both regional and long-distance national transport.

A future hydrogen economy is a concept countries across the globe seem to be preparing and planning for, and a similar hydrogen infrastructure project is under way in Sweden under the banner, Hydrogen Sweden.