An answer to the rising mice infestations in the UK could be just down the high street, after Rentokil launched an innovative new device that uses an industrial gas to kill them both quickly and humanely.

The Rodent Activated Detention and Riddance Unit (Radar) has even been designed to send a text message to its human owner, alerting of the rodent’s demise.

This high-tech tunnel-shaped trap attracts the inquisitive nature of the mouse and once 2 infrared beams are passed and triggered, a mechanism activates the door and contains the mouse within the device. Once trapped inside, CO2 is pumped into the chamber and knocks out the mice, killing it by asphyxiation within 45 seconds.

According to the National Pest Technicians Association, mouse infestations are rising by 12.5% a year in the UK and 29% in the southeast of England alone. A number of existing mousetrap devices are not suitable for particular environments such as food factories or homes, where poisons or certain mechanisms are considered too risky for workers or families.

Jed Kenrick, Rentokil’s managing director, told the Sunday Times, “It is James Bond technology. We have used the strategies applied by the security industry for dealing with intruders in buildings, but this trap is just 10 inches long.”

“Once the doors are shut, the carbon dioxide is pumped in from the side, which displaces the oxygen in the chamber. You are left with a locked chamber with a dead mouse inside,” added Kenrick.

Once exterminated, a red light begins flashing on the top of the trap and a computer chip sends a text message to the owner, as well as Rentokil, informing them of successful operation and for the trap to be emptied and reset.