NOVAIR, French manufacturer of on-site gas systems, has invested in R&D to design the NITROSWING LASERPACK, a new nitrogen (N2) supply solution custom-made for laser-cut machines.

N2 gas is widely used in laser-cutting and industrials have always relied on traditional external supplies, whether it is liquid bulk or high-pressure gas cylinders. However, with this innovative alternative, gas suppliers can now depend on this on-site solution.

The compact, plug and play system incorporates a PSA N2 generator and a gas booster for the production and filling of high pressure cylinders on-site, to cover peak consumptions.

High N2 purity (up to 99,999% - 10 to 100ppm) is fully guaranteed any time, thanks to an incorporated analyser. In addition, LASERPACK is compliant with all types of laser machines (fiber or carbon dioxide) and is appropriate for the cut of all thicknesses between 1 and 20mm.

The system offers many advantages such as financial savings, no logistic constraints, and is clearly an eco-friendly solution with no more N2 deliveries required. One thing that remains unchanged however, is the quality of the cut, which the company believes is as good as traditional N2 supply – if not better.