NOXERIOR, a specialist generator producer based in Italy, has completed its new family of standard nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2) generators as its extensive product modernisation project concludes.

By adding the new NITROSWING® Modular PSA Nitrogen Generators as the last step, the company has concluded its strategic product redesign project.

The project began back in April 2014, and recently introduced the NITROMEM® Membrane Nitrogen Generators and the OXYSWING® Modular PSA Oxygen Generators.

As part of the overhaul, optional instrumentation has been integrated in the process piping inside the cabinet of each generator, plus its control system features a touch screen and includes methods of self-diagnosis – like the automatic regeneration procedure in case of an insufficient N2 or O2 purity.

Additionally, the operator can control their generator remotely through an app, each generator can be supplied with its own Wi-Fi module and their control systems can store all process data continuously for 450 days.

Oscar de Groen, Managing Director of NOXERIOR, emphasised, “Our main objective was to reduce energy consumption and to make our N2 and O2 generators ready by dedicating special attention to the data exchange options of the control system of each standard generator.”

Noxerior family 2016 generators


NOXERIOR is currently active in traditional markets for standard nitrogen and oxygen generators for industrial and healthcare applications and supply’s complex custom-engineered nitrogen and oxygen plants.