One of the world’s largest industrial, electronic, and medical gas providers, the Nippon Sanso Holdings Group (NSHD), has laid out its future vision for a more sustainable society.

Announced today, April 4th, the company aims to utilise over 100 years’ worth of experience in the gases sector to implement its five-point plan to advance the energy transition. 

Its first point, greening combustion, focuses on using its oxy-combustion technology in combination with green oxygen to reduce emissions for industry, in addition to removing barriers to low-cost carbon capture. 

Secondly, NSHD intends utilise the ‘most appropriate’ technology, available feedstocks, and renewable energy to aid in the production of green and low-carbon hydrogen. 

To mitigate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the company is also looking to advance its CO2 capture solutions to contribute to a more circular carbon economy. 

This circular economy also includes the recovery of not only CO2, but scrap metal, waste heat, sludge produced in wastewater treatment plants, and industrial, agricultural, and urban waste. 

As industry 4.0 continues to evolve, NSHD aims to consolidate its range of gases, equipment, and services in the electronics industry to drive digitisation, a key factor in enabling industry to transition to a more sustainable future.

The group’s carbon-neutral strategy is a coordinated effort between its 4 geographics hubs located in Japan, the US, Europe and Asia & Oceania, in addition to the circular economy vision of its Thermos branded business.

Announcement of NSHD’s vision comes just months after its European branch was awarded with a gold medal for sustainability by rating agency EcoVadis.

Having been placed in the top 5% of industrial gas companies for sustainability, Nippon Gases parent group NSHD confirmed to gasworld that it is ’working to enable a carbon neutral world.’