Burckhardt Compression garners success with its patented Laby®-GI fuel gas supply solution for dual- and tri-fuel ship propulsion systems – after the company receives numerous orders.

Vibration-free reciprocating compressors will be used to supply fuel gas to energy-efficient, environmentally friendly dual-fuel ship propulsion systems. These compressors were ordered between December 2014 and March 2015 and will be installed on several liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers with a carrying capacity of 174,000 m3 each.

The ships’ owners have chosen the propulsion solution with the best fuel efficiency and the lowest emissions, in combination with Burckhardt Compression’s patented Laby®-GI compressor system for fuel gas supply.

The systems ordered will be installed on several LNG tankers (Liquefied Natural Gas), each having a capacity of 174,000 cubic meters (in some cases as redundant systems).

The Laby®-GI compressor system will deliver fuel gas derived from boil-off gas (LNG vapors) to the ships’ dual-fuel engines. The propulsion system can be operated with eco-friendly natural gas or with heavy fuel oil.

The Laby®-GI compressor system is the most flexible and robust fuel gas supply solution for dual- or tri-fuel ship engines. Designed as a multi-purpose system, these Laby®-GI compressors will be utilised to deliver fuel gas to ship engines and auxiliary power units and also to reliquefy boil-off gas.

This multi-purpose design helps to minimise the complexity of on- board installations as well as the footprint and weight of the installations. Demand for such efficient and low-emission propulsion systems is increasing as a result of stricter environmental regulations.

The Laby®-GI fuel gas compressor system from Burckhardt Compression was developed in close collaboration with MAN Diesel & Turbo, a leading manufacturer of marine engines. Designed for use in a wide range of propulsion systems, the Laby®-GI ensures a stable supply of fuel gas in any condition (regardless of changing ambient conditions with regard to engine load, for example, or gas temperature, gas pressure and gas composition). The gas-tight compressor design and the Laby® technology with contactless piston and rod sealing elements offer superior availability and reliability and reduce both emissions and maintenance costs to a minimum.

This compressor solution satisfies high marine standards and minimises vibrations thanks to fully balanced operation, thus lessening its impact on ship structures.