According to an international business newspaper, North Vietnam Industrial gases company (NVIG) has received a new license to change its name to Vietnam Industrial gases LTD (VIG) and to increase its invested capital to just over US$25.8m. The Vietnamese Ministry of Planning and Investment approved the license.

NVIG, a Vietnamese joint venture owned by Air Liquide, BOC and Sumitomo Corp, is expanding and increasing its presence further in to South Vietnam.

With a new branch office in Ho Chi Minh City and a new ASU in Vung Tau Province 60km further south VIG is committed to become the leader of the Vietnam market. They will also have hydrogen production capacities.

The company has an existing ASU in Bac Ninh in North Vietnam \\$quot;“ 30 km North of Hanoi to produce gases (LIN, LOX, LAR). Not only does it own the only commercial Hydrogen production in Vietnam but it also operates a refilling station for nitrogen, argon and argon mixtures, and hydrogen.