Linde Healthcare has released a new, unique therapeutic O2 cylinder with “an industry first” communication capability into the US healthcare market.

The LIV® IQ unit allows users to monitor its information from any web enabled device, eliminating the need for staff in the hospital supply chain to physically inspect each individual cylinder and freeing up valuable time.

As Eric Weisholtz, Head of Hospital Care, Americas, explained, “The US economy has a critical challenge with respect to healthcare, as 18% of its GDP is derived from healthcare expenditures. Linde Healthcare is committed to reducing healthcare costs by introducing new technologies into the market.”

“The LIV IQ technology is Linde’s latest example of healthcare innovation. A digital cylinder with the capability to communicate with its environment will revolutionise O2 cylinder management within the hospital.”

Featuring enhanced digital capabilities for heightened patient safety, the LIV IQ package provides a higher efficiency and cost effective O2 delivery system than other systems in the market today, according to the company.

“A digital cylinder with the capability to communicate with its environment will revolutionise oxygen cylinder management within the hospital”

Eric Weisholtz, Head of Hospital Care, Americas, Linde Healthcare

Featuring a valve with an integrated pressure regulator, a flow selector, flow outlet and a pressure outlet, the technology provides an instant, large, digital display of the time remaining of O2 in the cylinder. It automatically and instantly calculates remaining time from the actual gas content of the cylinder and sets the flow rate accordingly.

In addition, the LIV IQ gives out visible and audible alerts when the cylinder is running low, if the temperature is either too high or too low or if the actual flow to the patient does not match the set flow.

Weishotlz added, “At any time, a hospital supply chain’s staff can know the quantity of cylinders in the hospital, their general location, and the amount of product remaining. This minimises the amount of unused or wasted O2 purchased by the hospital.”

Linde Healthcare collaborated with Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital in Jackson, Michigan, to verify the LIV IQ technology in a large hospital environment.

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