An agreement has been signed that will see carbon dioxide (CO2) being transported and stored using the Netherlands-based Heartland Greenway carbon capture and storage (CCS) system.

Dutch company OCI N.V through its wholly owned subsidiary Iowa Fertilizer Company facility will work with Navigator CO2 Ventures LLC (Navigator) on a long-term basis for Navigator to provide CO2 transport and storage services up to 1.1m metric tonnes of CO2 per year. 

Reducing the equivalent carbon emissions of around 245,000 vehicles driven annually, the project will consist of two phases. The initial phase aims to transport and store approximately 500,000 metric tonnes of CO2 per year from process gas, and the second phase will assess the economic feasibility of installing the required post-combustion capture equipment. 

Stating that the company is currently monitoring the on-going discussions in Congress around enhancements to the 45Q programme, which will support the economics of the project, Ahmend El-Hoshy, CEO, OCI, added, “This agreement follows the announcement earlier this year that we have the ability to produce up to 365,000 metric tonnes per year of blue ammonia at OCI Beaumont in Texas, and blue and green ammonia projects in Abu Dhabi and Egypt.” 

Navigator is intending to pursue further sustainability in the Midwest US by collaborating with other industrial processing plants. 

Matt Vining, CEO, Navigator, commented on the agreement with OCI, saying, “We’re excited to embark on this project with them to provide a long-temr and cost-effective solution for handling their CO2 emissions.” 

“State-of-the-art nitrogen producers like OCI play a critical role in decarbonising the agricultural supply chain, as well as industrial feedstock and fuels, and we look froward to advancing a greener future together.” 

Although the agreement is currently subject to finalisation of ‘definitive documents’, once fully expanded the project will have the capacity to capture and store 15m metric tonnes of CO2 annually.