The Advanced Fuel Cell Research Laboratory of Lamar University, Texas, which is carrying out research into the generation of hydrogen, has received support and an official congressional visit from US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.
Lamar's Fuel Cell and Energy Research Lab is conducting frontier research into the development of clean and efficient energy systems for the strategic missions of the US military, including the generation of chemically stored energy in systems that produce hydrogen from conventional and renewable sources. As well as benefiting military applications, advanced fuel cell research holds the promise of utilising non-polluting hydrogen energy that will eventually allow energy independence for the US and reduce environmental stresses.
$quot;A comprehensive strategy to unleash the power of free minds and free markets so we can explore and produce energy in America will strengthen our national security and solidify our global economic leadership. With its renowned research institutions and vast supply of untapped renewable energy resources, Texas is poised to invent the breakthrough sources that will help fuel the world in the 21st century,$quot; Hutchison enthused.