Oxford instruments (OI) has launched the new Io compact cooling solution for low temperature detectors.

Io is a compact, Cryofree® and low vibration continuous cooling solution offering device and sample temperatures down to 50 milliKelvin (mK).

The device comes in application-friendly configuration packs for:

  • low temperature detectors
  • photonics
  • qubit characterisation
  • neutron scattering

Io is ideal for sub-100 mK research and detector applications, offering continuous running together with lower device and lower sample temperatures compared to ADR and 3He refrigerators. It enables easy integration of a wide range of optical accessories such as windows, optical fibres, piezo-electric manipulators and neutron scattering tails, which together with a powerful 1 K circuit makes this system the perfect choice for quantum photonic measurements, detector development and beam-line applications.

Main features

The device is compact, lightweight and mobile, and has been designed so that inexperienced users can do the work with minimum effort.

The sample plate can be controlled between 50 mK and 10 K, while maintaining the magnet at full field. There are no unstable temperatures regions, the sample plate can be controlled accurately at any intermediate temperatures.

Io compact cooling solution sample space

Io compact cooling solution sample space