Oldham SAS, a gas and fire detection system specialist, has launched the OLCT 700 and OLCT 710 gas transmitters for the detection of flammable, hydrogen sulphide (H2S) or carbon dioxide (CO2) gases.

The 700/710 Series comprises of three different models - FP, TP and IR - and is specifically designed for extreme locations. It can operate in any circumstance between -40°C and 75°C, and includes 100% encapsulated electronics for complete protection and immunity against water entry and corrosion.

Its plug-in, field replaceable sensors can be replaced easily and the operator interface is controlled via a handheld magnet.

The TP model uses a poison-resistant catalytic bead sensor to detect combustible gases, and is equipped with a solid state metal oxide semiconductor sensor (MOS), which is suited to H2S detection. It is commonly used in water treatment plants and in the oil and gas industry.

Alternatively, the IR Model opts for an infrared sensor to monitor combustible or CO2 gases. The entire range is compatible with all Oldham MX controllers and with the MX 40, which can connect to up to 32 detectors at a time.