The Beijing Olympic games may currently be the subject of much contention for a variety of reasons, including the state of its polluted air, but the gases climate looks decidedly more positive as Beijing Praxair Inc, an affiliate of Praxair China, announced the signing of another exclusive oxygen-supply contract to provide fresh drinking water to Beijing for the Olympic Games.
Agreeing the contract with Beijing No. 3 Water Works, Praxair is concluding oxygen supply contracts with the other two plants of Beijing Waterworks Group Co. Ltd. and start-up of all three plants is scheduled for around May 2008.

The new deal follows the previously announced signing of contracts with Beijing Drainage Group Co. Ltd to supply oxygen to three wastewater re-use plants in Beijing and represents further activity spurred by the Olympic games in the country.

David Chow, President of Praxair China, commented, “We are proud of winning this new contract and customer. It provides us with another significant opportunity to contribute to the Beijing Olympic Games as well as to the overall drinking water quality in Beijing.”

To supply high quality drinking water during 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing has invested in retrofitting the three drinking water plants. In addition to pumping up water from the Yangtze River to the city, an advanced oxygen-fed ozone technology system plus activated carbon are used to replace chlorine as disinfectant. Once this system goes on-stream, the quality of the water it produces will meet international standards for direct drinking and the people of Beijing will enjoy potable water from their taps.

In recent years, treatment of drinking water has grown into one of Praxair China's key market sectors and with over 20 locations in China, the Shanghai-based company will continue to build on its leadership position in this sector.

Meanwhile, Praxair Inc. is notifying customers worldwide of a price increase for silane in the range of 20% to 30%, effective immediately or as contracts permit.

The action is being implemented in response to escalating costs for raw materials, energy, packaging and distribution, with growth in the demand for silane outpacing supply, particularly in the rapidly growing solar cell and liquid-crystal display (LCD) markets.

“This action will allow Praxair to continue to invest in supply and distribution capabilities around the world to meet our customers’ need for reliable silane supply,” said Ray Roberge, President of Praxair Electronics.