OMRON Healthcare, the healthcare arm of Japanese electronics company OMRON has launched its latest oxygen delivery device, the OMRON medical molecular sieve oxygen concentrator, according to APN News.

Based on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, the device works by using a lithium-based molecular sieve to filter out unwanted molecules from ambient air, such as nitrogen and argon, and delivering high purity (>90%) oxygen at a rate of five litres per minute. 

The compact nature of the device allows for a high degree of portability for patients who require at-home medical oxygen treatment for conditions such as Covid-19, COPD, and other respiratory problems, enhanced by a 360-degree mute wear-resistant universal caster wheel. 

To prevent overheating when used continuously the concentrator also comes with large fan for efficient cooling. 

Commenting on the product at its launch, Kotaro Suzuki, Managing Director, OMRON Healthcare India said, “With this new advancement, we want to reinforce our dedication towards our goal.” 

“This noteworthy addition to our existing line of products will help us make oxygen concentrators more affordable and accessible and contribute to bridging the huge gap between the demand and supply of medical oxygen in the country.”