South-Eastern Europe’s largest energy company, OMV Petrom has delivered a liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipment to the Damen Shipyard in Mangalia, Romania.

The delivery, used to fuel an LNG-powered ship, marks the company’s first LNG delivery to Romania.

Logistical challenges met during the coordination of the project were overcome with the help of several partner companies.

LNG is seen as a ‘transitional fuel’ for ‘clean’ transport. By using the gas CO2 emissions can see a reduction of 15%, in addition to nitrogen emissions dropping by 50%.

Commenting on the success of the delivery, Florin Spătaru, Member of the Board of Directors, Damen Shipyards Mangalia, said, “This proves that the Romanian naval industry is able to implement very complex and innovative projects with a high technological level.”

Capable of its volume being reduced by around 600 times compared to the natural gas’ ‘gaseous state’, the liquefaction process also allows large amounts of gas to be transported over long distance.