On Site Gas Systems has launched its Compact series Nitrogen generators in Australia.

The Compact series Nitrogen generators add to an already broad product line of Oxygen generation and Nitrogen generation systems, which have proven themselves over the past 20 years in over 60 countries around the world.

The Compact series Nitrogen generators simply generate a flow of high purity Nitrogen from the surrounding air and deliver this direct to the process or storage tank if one is required.

On Site Nitrogen generation means there is no more changing over cylinders, no more running out of gas at critical moments and with added safety advantages as they eliminate the need to handle heavy and dangerous high pressure cylinders.
The compact Nitrogen systems are a blessing for low volume gas users who currently have to lug around heavy cylinders. Cylinder users have to remember to re-order on time and they pay a high price for cylinder gas, delivery and cylinder rental.

The Compact series Nitrogen generators eliminate all of this by generating a constant flow of high purity gas, on site, for less than 3 cents per m3, compared to cylinder prices that can be well over $1 per m3. These small systems are affordable for even the small gas users.