Putting together a Christmas wish list is one of the most exciting parts of the holiday season, but this year did you think twice about whether industrial gas-related items were among your desired gifts?

Some of the modern-day technologies that will more than likely be on many Christmas lists around the globe this year will feature some form of industrial gas.

To celebrate the festive season, gasworld took a deeper look into some of the available gifts that feature industrial gas.

Nitro coffee maker

Nitrogen infused coffee is a cold brewing method that has been around for years but has more recently made its way into the mainstream market. The use of nitrogen in coffee-making allows consumers to enjoy a creamier, almost stout like, texture to the caffeinated pick-me-up of preference.

Chart Industries confirmed earlier this year that they will continue to deploy liquid nitrogen dosing products for nitrogen drinks to coffee chain giants Starbucks. So, if you’ve sampled a nitro coffee from your local Starbucks this year, Chart’s innovations could have been used within the process.

As well as popular coffee shops, nitro coffees are often found along with the other canned drinks in convenience stores – a more economical alternative. But now product manufacturers have started to offer consumers at home nitro coffee machines, enabling them to consume nitrogen infused coffee at home.

California-based Royal Brew’s Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Keg retails at $149.97. The keg is perfect for dispensing cold brew coffee, nitrogen stout beers, or any other nitrogen beverage.


Source: Royal Brew

Hydrogen-powered drone

If you would rather be outdoors than in front of the fire with a nitro brew, perhaps a hydrogen-powered drone is more fitting for you this Christmas.

Drones rapidly took off as a technology craze, and are used for photography, videography, emergency services purposes as well as personal entertainment.  

Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAVs) will undoubtedly be on many Christmas lists this year. The deployment of hydrogen fuel cells in drones has allowed manufacturers to offer a clean alternative to previously used methods such as batteries. As well as environmental benefits, hydrogen fuel cells feature the ability for longer flight time, quiet operation and fast refueling.

Canadian clean fuel company Ballard announced the launch its FCair™ fuel cell product line in April this year, showcasing a complete long duration fuel cell power solution for commercial UAVs.

RGB_Ballard Power Systems

Source: Ballard


If you fancy a more alternative gift this year which will set you up feeling fresh for 2020, why not put a cryotherapy session on your list? Cryotherapy is a popular medical process which exposes the human body to sub-zero temperatures as low as -230°F. Whole body cryotherapy achieves its arctic chill through liquid nitrogen vapor.

A session usually lasts approximately two to three minutes, costing anywhere between $40 and $100. The process has been known to stimulate multiple physical and health benefits and it popular with many high-end celebrities and sport stars. Cryotherapy sessions are often offered in health spas and retreats. Houston-based company  °CRYO Science™ specializes in the technology, and its latest release the CRYO Arctic™ ensures patients do not come in contact with cryogenic gases and instead are exposed to breathable atmosphere using heat exchange technology. The nitrogen used within the process of the CRYO Arctic™  is filtered out through the system before the air come into contact with the client.

One online retailer is selling the CRYO Arctic™ for $75,000.

RGB_cryoscience arctic

Source: CRYO Science Arctic

Champagne, wine, fizzy drinks

As well as being widely consumed around the Christmas period at parties and other festive celebrations, fizzy drinks such as champagne also make a perfect gift for the holiday season.

Champagne is dependent on carbon dioxide (CO2) for the all-important fizz which pops the cork.

CO2 is also used in SodaStream, a popular gift on Christmas Day for many years now. The carbonating device makes fizzy drinks at home by injecting CO2 into water.

If a carbonated Christmas Day tipple is not suited to you, you might prefer to receive an argon wine preserver this year. Argon is increasingly being used in wine preservation, both at home and in production. The inert gas is added to wine barrels or bottles to displace air, settling above the wine forming an impenetrable layer to protect it from oxidation and souring.

Products such as those by Massachusetts-based Coravin replace the oxygen in an open bottle of wine with food-grade argon, which allows consumers to enjoy a fresher taste. Their product works by injecting the win through a surgical-grade stainless steel needle inserted through the cork with argon, supplied in small canisters.


Source: Coravin

Helium balloon

If instead of a gift, you are in the market for some festive decorations to showcase around the home or will be venturing out to attend festive parades or street celebrations, helium balloons will more than likely surround you.

Last year industrial gas giant Linde supplied 300,000 cubic feet of helium to lift the balloons at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®, an iconic event featuring novelty creations featuring industrial gas.

However, due to the current helium shortage, many shops are out of helium balloons and you may find them to be more expensive than before, if you find them at all.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars

You can ask for your own hydrogen fuel cell car this Christmas – even if it is the toy variety. The Horizon FCJJ-23 H-racer 2.0, going for $124.99 on amazon.com, features a construction kit of the scale model car, as well as remote controlled steering, and light emitting features within the car. It includes patented miniature fuel-cell car and solar hydrogen refueling station, which creates hydrogen by electrolysis using water. When the hydrogen fuel tank is filled, the car runs on its own fuel-cell system. For the real thing, the 2019 Toyota Mirai 4dr Sedan fuel cell car has a suggested retail price of $59,455.