Operational updates in store for Luxfer

Luxfer Gas Cylinders is to implement a restructuring of its cylinder manufacturing operations in the US and UK in 2008, including changes to operations at its Riverside facilities in California and its Nottingham plant in England.

At Riverside, the company currently operates an aluminium cylinder plant and service centre in the same large facility, as well as 2 composite cylinder operations in separate facilities. The company also manufactures aluminium liners for composite cylinders at its Hydrospin unit at Huntington Beach, California.

As part of the newly announced phased restructuring, Luxfer will move all aluminium cylinder manufacturing from Riverside to its plants in North Carolina and England, then consolidating its 2 composite cylinder plants into 1 combined facility in Riverside. Large-diameter composite liner manufacturing operations are also to be moved, from Huntington Beach into the single Riverside facility – with small-diameter aluminium liner operations remaining in Huntington Beach and service centre operations ceasing.

John Rhodes, president of Luxfer Gas Cylinders, commented on the changes, “This comprehensive restructuring is the result of a detailed analysis of two ways to improve our manufacturing practices and to make best use of our global facilities. These actions will not only make our aluminium cylinder manufacturing operations around the world more effective, they will increase the efficiency of our composite cylinder operations in the US.”

As operations are consolidated as a result of the restructuring, up to 140 jobs will be eliminated and Luxfer expects to complete phased restructuring activities by September 2008.