Praxair Inc. has started operations at a new air separation plant in South Korea, with a capacity of 1,300 tpd to supply Samsung Electronics’ factory with nitrogen, oxygen and argon.

In addition, Praxair will also supply helium and hydrogen by pipeline to the advanced thin-film-transistor, liquid-crystal-display (TFT-LCD) facility in Tangjeong.

Samsung Electronics is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced semiconductors, TFT-LCD’s, CDMA mobile phones, monitors and VCR’s and the company’s newest complex is the world’s first seventh-generation TFT-LCD complex, comprised of 4 production lines.

K.H. Lee, president of Praxair Korea, said, “Praxair Korea has enjoyed a cooperative relationship with Samsung for over 15 years and supplies the company’s main manufacturing complexes in Gihueng, Hwasung and Tangjeong. We believe our world-class supply capability of on-site, bulk and process gases will only strengthen our future together.”

Praxair is also building a 1,975 tpd air separation unit in Korea’s Hwasung semiconductor complex which will supply ultra-high purity gases to Samsung Electronics and is scheduled to start-up in 2008.