RTS Africa’s Hy-Optima 2700 hydrogen (H2) analysers for accurate monitoring and optimised performance in oil refining.

RTS Africa’s Hy-Optima’s 2700 hydrogen (H2) analyser with solid-state, non-consumable sensor provides real-time continuous H2 concentration data so that process engineers know the exact percentages of H2 throughout the refining procedure.

With real-time H2 monitoring, process engineers have an overview of exactly what is taking place in any complex refinery process stream. This means early detection of any problems and, ultimately, the refinery is able to produce better products more economically. Improved energy efficiencies result in reduced maintenance and downtime costs.

Inside the devices sensor, a thin-film palladium/ nickel-based lattice desorbs H2 as it encounters the sensor. As H2 is absorbed into the metal lattice, the bulk resistivity of the lattice changes, allowing for accurate measurement of H2 levels in particular process streams.

Hy-Optima 2700 hydrogen analysers

Hy-Optima 2700 hydrogen analysers

The sensors are protected against corrosive gases by H2Scan’s proprietary coating, which gives the Hy-Optima 2700 an operational lifetime of at least 10 years. The instrument is housed in an explosion-proof casing, which meets stringent international ‘Zone 2’ safety standards. This instrument will report through electronic connections to an existing SCADA-type control system.

The Hy-Optima 2700 can be used to monitor a number of other post-fractional distillation refinery processes such as reforming, cracking, recycle, tail gas, fuel gas, flare gas and other multi-component process streams. The Hy-Optima range of instruments can also be used in other sectors, such as in the supply of natural and industrial gas.

There is, in addition, extensive application in the petrochemical industry to monitor polymer feeds and flare gas process streams, or in the manufacturing sector, in metals annealing, semiconductor, oil hydrogenation and fertiliser manufacturing process streams.

Ian Fraser, Managing Director of RTS Africa Engineering, commented, “Oil refining is a high stakes business. If a refinery finds it is experiencing challenges either with low production or poor product quality, it needs to look at the accurate control of H2 in the various process streams.”

“Here the Hy-Optima 2700 H2 analyser offers an unmatched, real-time overview of H2 levels in process streams – allowing process engineers to enjoy continuous, accurate control of their refinery’s performance,” he concluded.