Orcan Energy AG, a leading clean-tech company now with a minority shareholding of Air Liquide, continues to execute its strategy for internationalisation with its first project in Italy.

The company has successfully commissioned an ePack, an ORC mini-generation waste heat recovery unit, in Italy for the first time.

The ePack was connected to a biogas plant in northern Italy and will produce around 160,000 kilowatt hours of CO2-free electricity – enough power for 40 four-person households.

The project is seen as the next step in the Munich-based company’s expansion, with 25 ePacks in operation in Germany alone and an agreement already in place with Italian distribution partner VEIL Energy to achieve further sales in Italy.

Orcan Energy was also the subject of investment by Air Liquide in September (2015), through its venture capital investor ALIAD. Along with E.ON, Air Liquide became the second strategic investor to acquire a stake in the company.

Air Liquide and Orcan Energy are working together on the marketing of the latter’s innovative technologies for generating energy-efficient power from waste heat; the ePack series of modular solutions is among the most advanced, efficient and economical technological solutions on the market.

Air Liquide’s minority investment in Orcan Energy highlights not only the attractiveness of its technology for generating electricity from industrial waste heat, but also the former’s commitment to clean technologies.