Matheson Tri-Gas Inc. has announced it is to implement a new organisational structure that will build on the company’s high growth and high profitability momentum, while also helping to propel parent company the Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC) Group into a leading position in the industrial, specialty and electronic gases markets by 2010.

The newly announced structure will be effective as of 1st January 2008 and allow for Matheson Tri-Gas to increase its focus in the areas of governance and greater alignment with parent company TNSC. Current board member Bill Kroll will divest his duties as chief executive officer, in favour of expanding his ‘visionary and strategic role’ as chairman of Matheson Tri-Gas.

As part of the alignment plans, Kroll will oversee the Research and Development group, Tri-Gas Technologies and the Strategic Marketing organisation.

Speaking of the changes in direction, Kroll said, “There is nothing more important at this time for Matheson Tri-Gas than for me to concentrate solely on those strategic objectives and activities that will bring the company t world leadership status in the areas of governance, environmental stewardship, and growth spurred by unassailable customer satisfaction and innovative thinking.”

“In doing this, we will become closer in alignment with TNSC, and consequently, the TNSC Group will become the number one choice for total solutions in gas, equipment, and services around the world,” Kroll added.

In accordance with Kroll’s increased attention on chairmanship, current president and COO for Matheson Tri-Gas James Samples will be promoted to the position of president and CEO.

“James has shown unprecedented leadership in driving the strategic business unit structure to attain astounding growth in his tenure,” stated Kroll of the appointment.

The restructuring process will also see Scott Kallman promoted to corporate officer status as senior executive vice president and COO, while Rick Kowey will become executive vice president, chief marketing officer and general manager. Finally, Joe Bellitto will be promoted to the status of executive vice president and chief financial officer.

In summary, Kroll explained, “Matheson Tri-Gas has established this new organisational structure because we need to make way for step-wise change in our impact in the high growth markets we serve. Achieving our aggressive growth and world leadership goals requires us to add to our staff of corporate officers.”